OSCCC specializes in implementing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) on Linux platforms for Small and Micro Businesses. (less)

So, what does that mean? Let's break that up into three parts.

1) Free and Open Source Software: The "Free" part requires a little explaining.

FOSS is about the Freedom to examine and change software source code, the logic that is built into programs, and the freedom to build and use executable programs derived from the original and modified source code. As it happens, those executable FOSS-based programs are often available at no charge (Free).

So FOSS always means Freedom and usually means Free, as in No Cost. Programmers like the first part (Freedom) and business owners like the second part (Free).

2) Linux Platforms: A computer or server running Linux.

Typically, a small/micro business does not need to buy server grade hardware to use Linux. Your old desktop computer with a couple of new hard drives might be just what you need to do the job, but your mileage may vary.

3) Small and Micro Businesses: For our purposes, business with 1-20 employees.

As opposed to the situation in Europe where Open Source Software has a strong foothold among very small businesses, similar-sized companies in USA have historically been under served by the Open Source Software movement.

Turning Open Source Software Alternatives into Realities for Small & Micro Businesses